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Dog and Cat Peek Bubble Window!

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Pet Dog Fence Window Cats Dogs Peek Bubble Durable Acrylic Dome Window for All Pets

  • Can help deter overly curious dogs from jumping over fences and reduces risk of injury from attempted escape

  • Perfect tool to allow your pet to safely satisfy his curiosity and not destroy the garden yard fence

  • Fit for all pets, dogs, cats, chicken, horses

  • It may also be used for children's playhouses, kennels, tree houses, and even storm chaser vehicles

  • It can be easily installed in wood, vinyl, and other materials including drywall

  • Bolts & Nuts and all necessary hardware are included

  • It can be easily cleaned with non-fluoride white toothpaste


  • Material: acrylic

  • Dimension: 31.5*31.5*12.5CM

  • Weight: 0.55KG