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3D LED Detailed Night Light

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1.Product Power: 0.5W
2.Output voltage: 5V
3.Switch mode: touch switch
4.Product Weight: 0.4KG
5.Product size: 19 * 24.8 * 8.7cm
6.Base: 87x87x43mm
7.Single box size: 26 * 20 * 6cm
8.Accessories: * 1 ABS base plate Senanayake * 1 USB cable * 1 English Manual * 1
9.Color: seven colors: red, green, blue, yellow, i, purple, white, adjustable or fixed Isshiki colorful gradient
10.Weight about: 400G


1x 3D Illusion Light
1x USB cable



Acrylic plate with double-sided protective film, please tear off the protective film before use.